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Jacqueline Tremble-Williams, Certified Counselor

angJacqueline Tremble-Williams is currently School Counselor with Cobb County Public Schools. She has been an Educator for 11 years. Jacqueline received her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education (Varing Exceptionalities) in 2005 from Florida Memorial University, her Master's in School Guidence Counseling in 2008 from Cambridge College and an Educational Specialist in Brainsmart (Brain-Based Teaching) in 2010 from Nova Southeastern University.

Before entering the education field, Jacqueline served the citizens of Hollywood, Florida, for nine years, as a 911 Operator for Police, Fire and Rescue. As a 911 Operator, she assisted those in need of both non-emergency and emergency services. In this position, Jacqueline perfected her listening skills by learning to listen without prejudice and became non-judgemental of others while allowing some citizens to pursue solutions on their own.

Jacqueline was also employed at a Girls and Boys Group Home where she had direct contact with at-risk teens, teenage parents and teens who came from unstable homes. While working at the group home and serving its community, she discovered a self-fulfilling field in which she would meet the immediate needs of others, through counseling.

Jacqueline is happily married and the mother of five beautiful and wonderfule children.

Teen Parent Program
Favor Academy of Excellence, Inc. supports teenage mothers and fathers through our specifically designed curriculum. Students are supoorted academically as they earn their high school diploma or GED and transition into college, the military and/or a fulfilling career. The program is free to join.
FAE Tutoring Center
FAE Tutoting Center provides quality educational programs and resources to at-risk students in high-needs communities. With education as the foundation of all our works, we will promote growth and sustainability in communities with economic disadvantages.
Enviro-ME Symposium
The Enviro-ME Symposium is designed to educate teenage mothers about the environmental influences that may affect the health of their child(ren) or themselves. Researchers from Emory University have teamed up with FAE to ensure students gain access to current environmental health resource information through innovative and hands-on learning experiences.

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